Friday, May 27, 2011

Cricket Australia's new rule book for Big Bash - Strange

Cricket Australia, apparently, is not going to leave any stone unturned to promote it's Big Bash later this year. They have launched an online survey asking fans what they want featured in the competition, including rule changes.

Here are some of the proposed options :

  • New Super Over where the batting side decides on the one over in which they earn double the runs scored. 
  • Fan's can keep the ball after a six and a new ball to be used during play.
  • Allowing bowlers to bowl two bouncers per over.
  • Free-hits for every wide ball. 
  • Allowing teams to play with 12 batsmen where any batsman can be substituted with the 12th man.
  • Fielding restrictions to be increased with 1 fielder outside the 30m circle for first 5 overs, 2 fielders upto 10 overs, 3 fielders upto 15 overs and 4 fielders upto 20 overs.

One can see Cricket Australia's desperation to make this Big Bash T20 League a success. The T20 league will feature franchises rather than promote traditional state teams and is expected to begin in summer 2011.

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